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How to Build CRUD REST APIs with Elixir and Phoenix Quick Start

This post will show how to build a REST API with Elixir and Phoenix Framework.  The focus will be providing CRUD (create, read, update, delete) endpoints for a model which is persisted to a

How to Deploy Python Programs to a Spark Cluster

After you have a Spark cluster running, how do you deploy Python programs to a Spark Cluster?  If you find these videos of deploying Python programs to an Apache Spark cluster interesting, you will

Spark SQL MySQL Python Example with JDBC

Let’s cover how to use Spark SQL with Python and a mySQL database input data source.  Consider this tutorial an introductory step when learning how to use Spark SQL with a relational database and

Spark SQL JSON Examples in Python using World Cup Player Data

This short tutorial shows analysis of World Cup player data using Spark SQL with a JSON file input data source from Python perspective. Overview We are going to load a JSON input source to Spark

Spark SQL CSV Examples with Python

In this Spark tutorial, we will use Spark SQL with a CSV input data source using the Python API.  We will continue to use the Uber CSV source file as used in the Getting

Apache Spark with Python Quick Start – New York City Uber Trips

In this post, let’s cover Apache Spark with Python fundamentals by interacting New York City Uber data. The intention is for readers to understand basic Spark concepts through examples.  Later posts will deeper dive into

Apache Spark with Amazon S3 Examples of Text Files Tutorial

This post will show ways and options for accessing files stored on Amazon S3 from Apache Spark.  Examples of text file interaction on Amazon S3 will be shown from both Scala and Python using

Connecting ipython notebook to an Apache Spark Cluster Quick Start

This post will cover how to connect ipython notebook to two kinds of Spark Clusters: Spark Cluster running in Standalone mode and a Spark Cluster running on Amazon EC2. Requirements You need to have

How To: Apache Spark Cluster on Amazon EC2 Tutorial

How to setup and run Apache Spark Cluster on EC2?  This post will walk you through each step to get an Apache Spark cluster up and running on EC2. The cluster consists of one

Apache Spark Action Examples in Python

Apache Spark Action Examples in Python As you learned in other apache spark tutorials on this site, action functions produce a value back to the Spark driver program.  This is unlike Transformations which produce RDDs. Actions

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