Apache Spark Cluster Part 2: Deploy Scala Program to Spark Cluster

How do you deploy a Scala program to a Spark Cluster?  In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to build, deploy and run a Scala driver program to a Spark Cluster.  The focus will be

Apache Spark Cluster Part 1: Run Standalone

Running an Apache Spark Cluster on your local machine is natural, early step towards Apache Spark proficiency.  Let’s start understanding Spark cluster options by to running a cluster on a local machine.  Running a local cluster is

Apache Spark: Examples of Actions

Spark Action Examples Unlike Transformations which produce RDDs, action functions produce a value back to the Spark driver program.  Actions may trigger a previously constructed, lazy RDD to be evaluated. reduce collect count first take takeSample

Apache Spark: Examples of Transformations

Spark Transformation Examples Transformation functions produce a new Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD). map flatMap filter mapPartitions mapPartitionsWithIndex sample Hammer Time (Can’t Touch This) union intersection distinct The Keys (To Success? The Florida Keys? To the Castle?)

What is Apache Spark? Deconstructing the Building Blocks Part 1

Becoming productive with Apache Spark requires an understanding of just a few fundamental elements.  In this post, the building blocks of Apache Spark will be covered quickly and backed with real-world examples. The intention