Worldwide Software Development with Local Pride

supergloo builds web applications with developers from around the world.

It’s similar to sports teams with players who come from all over the world. It’s about building the best team possible with the most skilled people. This means the best team of players regardless of their place of origin.

Stop and think of the major worldwide sports teams today. While once new, it is now common when teams are formed with multinationals. Baseball, Hockey, Football, Futbol, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball

It’s about winning. It’s about putting the best team possible on the field, ice, court, etc.

Now what does this have to do with software development and supergloo?

Well, at supergloo we’re fortunate to have a network of worldwide developers. Our developers are specialists who are focused. They help form the best possible team for you. Our worldwide developers are fast, focused and specialists for your project.

Just the other day, I took a look at the supergloo developer’s home countries and realized we are across the world. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, China, Mongolia, New Zealand, Australia, South America, North America. On a recent project, the supergloo development team consisted of 18 developers from 12 different countries.

And the client didn’t know it. They didn’t need to know it because we made it easy for them and showed results. I don’t really like to, but I’ll write about even more success stories in the future.

Now, I should take a step back and describe my perspective a bit. I have local pride. And I’m what you a call a ‘homer’. I cheer for the Minnesota Wild, Timberwolves, Vikings and Twins. My favorite team is the Minnesota team.

I like the University of Minnesota Gophers hockey. It was sad when the Gophers hockey team decided to bring on players from outside of Minnesota. I wasn’t alone in considering it a point of pride to have a team of all Minnesotans. As a fan, it felt good to beat a team of players from around the world. But, times changed and the Gophers have players from outside of Minnesota now. Simply put, I’m over it, because I’d rather win.

We probably all have some kind of story like my Minnesota Gophers. I imagine you have a similar story of local pride or import-vs-export or big-chain-store competing with the mom-and-pop. On one hand it’s sad. Whenever something changes, there is usually an element of sadness.

And maybe on the other hand, you don’t particularly care where people come from as long as they play together and win. And win with honor and integrity.

Or maybe it depends on the circumstance?

Let me be clear and direct with you. I’m not talking about what some people consider “offshore software development”. In their view, this means using cheap labor at the expense of local software developers. In fact, I’ve seen this approach where all local developers are wiped and replaced with a team at the other end of the world. I haven’t seen it work well in practice; probably sounded good in theory to the people watching costs.

No, that would be like suddenly taking my Minnesota Twins and shipping them to India or some other country; rather than bringing a player from Venezuela to play for the Twins.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, because I imagine you get my point by now.

What I’m talking about is putting the best team of software developers on the field for you.

We put this team on the field for you and yet we don’t ask you to speak multiple languages, stay up late at night or get up early. We don’t expect anything different from our clients. In fact, we don’t even want you to think about the team. We want you to be pleased with the results of a winning team.

I won’t bore you with the nuances of “coaching” the best team for you. We’ll show you in the results. We hire specialists. We don’t particularly care where they come from as long as they are good people with great skills.

So what’s the bottom line? supergloo is fast and focused for you. We put the best possible team on the field with players from around the world.

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