Apache Spark Tutorials with Scala

A Beginner’s Guide

Advance your career and products with this beginner’s tutorial cookbook of Apache Spark with Scala.

In this book, tutorials are presented from a wide variety of perspectives.

The approach is hands-on with access to source code downloads and screencasts of running examples.  Get ready to learn by examples!

Who is this for?

This book is suitable for beginners with no Spark or Scala experience, but some background in programming and/or databases.  It’s a beginner book, but not for people brand new to development or data engineering.  This book is designed for people to augment their existing skills to advance their career and/or make better data intensive products.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll gain a great real-world understanding of how to use Spark with Scala. You will also learn the following:

  • How to use Spark from Scala
  • Comparison of Spark and Hadoop
  • Core Spark constructs: Resilient Distributed Datasets, Transformations, and Actions
  • Running Two Types of Spark Clusters
  • Deploying Scala applications to Spark Clusters
  • Spark SQL with Scala including CSV, JSON, and relational databases
  • Custom, Scala based Spark Streaming application
  • Writing and running automated tests for Spark applications
  • Build a custom Spark Machine Learning application
  • Spark with Amazon S3
  • Using Cassandra from Spark

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Spark Tutorials with Scala Book