Free Apache Spark Training with Python 101

I teach an Apache Spark with Python 101 course on Skillshare. This class is designed for students new Apache Spark and more comfortable with using Python instead of Scala or Java.

The course has a private forum where you can ask me anything and interact with other students. There is a homework assignment to complete.

There are other benefits too like being able to complete the course as fast or slow as you would like.

How do you access the course?

For a limited time, new students of my “Apache Spark with Python 101” course receive a free month of Skillshare Premium when registering for my class. This means you can sign-up for Skillshare Premium and take my class for free.

Also, you’ll have unlimited access to all the other Skillshare classes, and there is no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

Bottom line? Free Apache Spark with Python training course with no risk.

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Spark Python Free Training