Free Software Development Books

It’s expensive and difficult to find the time to stay current in software development.  We know.  That’s why we created summary books to save you time and money.

Current list of summary books includes:

  • Learning Spark Summary
  • Summary: Data Science from Scratch
  • Clean Code Summary
  • The Pragmatic Programmer Summary

For the most up-to-date list of books, see the Amazon Author page (opens in new window)

There are two options to read these books for free.

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I bet you are wondering… why free?  what’s in it for us? what do we get?  Well, two things.  One, we need your help getting the word out about these books.  If you like the book, tell your friends, post on Facebook, leave us a good review on Amazon.

Two, we believe these books are worth the price, but we are always interested improving our products. So, if we need to trade for your opinion of our products, we’ll do it.

So, that’s the deal — if you find value in any of our books, we want to know. And if you don’t, we want to know that too.  We expect you to let us know your opinion in exchange for sending you any of our books.

Key Benefits of the Free Software Development Books:

  • Get the key essential from a developer and manager with 20 years of experience in software development and data analysis.
  • Saves your time from reading 400+ page books to absorb, remember and categorize concepts. Everything has been organized for you.

Free Summary Books